A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher that guides an apprentice to develop in a specified ability. 

The mentors of Afghan Business Network are a group of experienced mentors, best financial advisors, and wealth investors jointly putting an effort to help Afghan entrepreneurs to develop new businesses, and work with small businesses to train stronger managers who can take the business to the next level.  We will have a partnership with large businesses.

Afghan Business networks goal is to develop more businesses in Afghanistan and create job opportunity for Afghan men and women.  Not only does Afghan Business Network service Afghanistan, we service for countries across the world.  Our achievement would be to build the Afghanistan economy by putting people to work.  Afghan Business network helps entrepreneurs to develop business ideas and business plans that have a great chance for success.

Our experienced mentors teach the real purpose of business plan and force the entrepreneurs to think about the business concept and competitions that would develop realistic financial projections which will certainly increase the chance for success. It is very complex and difficult to start a business. You should ask yourself questions.  Do you have a good idea or a good business plan?  How do you know what to do first? Our mentors have taught hundreds of people how to decide whether their business plan was worth to pursue. We saved our clients thousands of dollars and helped them prevent mistakes for the sake of their business.  Our mentors teach you step by step how it should be done and we guarantee to increase the chance of your success.

If you would like to become an Mentor with Afghan Business Network, just click the sign up button, complete the form and we will contact you.