Our Mission
The Afghan Business Network is a group of Entrepreneurs, Business Educators, Micro Finance Investors, Mentors and Service Providers collaborating together to grow businesses from the ground up. Although originally focused on the development and growth of Afghan businesses, this group now encourages the participation of members around the world to focus on the philanthropic needs of those in Afghanistan. Whatever your business goals are, the Afghan Business Network is sure that there will emerge a priceless benefit for working with us to help Afghanistan. In addition to helping Afghanistan we provide ways to help make all involved businesses more successful through the coaching, funding, and sharing of business strategies. Take your business to the next level with the expert guidance of others.

Jobs Through Us
Employment Opportunities
Are you an individual looking for a job? Submit your resume and contact information and Afghan Business Network will work to match you with an employer.

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Are you an employer looking for skilled employees? You may browse our list of job applicants.


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What is your passion?
Are you an entrepreneur looking to start your own business in Afghanistan? An investor looking to help build a country through secure micro investments in new businesses? A mentor willing to help new businesses gain the knowledge to succeed? A service provider looking to help provide goods or services to new clientele? Or would you like to be a sponsor and promote your company through a large network?

Afghan Business Network allows you to learn or share your knowledge of the business world and help rebuild a country one company at a time!

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